Prasad Bhat



Most of us I am sure will agree to call Prasad the Bajirao of SkyClub . He will fight his way out of most difficulties making life easier for us the lesser mortals . His approach to problems is simple. Obey if you can and accept, If not  fix it  .

He runs a big setup of oil re-refining equipment manufacture and has a large international installation base .

I quote him  ”  Defying gravity was my childhood dream. My original  plan was to build my own flying machine and soar in the sky, I was working on this dream the day I started my  manufacturing business, However my business and business commitments always took precedence over  my dream till I became 50 years old and I realized that time does not stop for anyone . I immediately enrolled myself in carver academy in year of 2011 and started pursuing my dream of flying. This decision rewarded me with a true and wonderful experience of flying and new friends.

In subsequent months this friendship turned into a true association of enjoyment, under a banner of SkyClub. We soon realized that, “THIS IDEA IS WORTH SPREADING”. This rewarded us with more friends and more flying machines to soar .”