Naufil Karnalkar

Naufil , the first pilot of Skyclub, has been flying with skyclub since its inception.  He is also a rated flight Instructor on Cessna aircraft,  has flown to more than 50 airports across india over the many hours of experience he has on Skyclub Aircraft.. He is experienced on single and Multi engine aircraft with over 4 years flying experience flying Cessna , Diamond and Partnevia aircrafts. Having a frozen ATPL, he is soon on his way to issue his ATPL license. An energetic pilot, He enjoys flying to high density congested IFR airspaces and likes to fly at night, having flown across the length and breadth of India.
Presently employed with an airline, he is always personally connected  with Skyclub members and share their flying experiences . The experience gained while flying with SkyClub helped him in pursuing his dream of an airline pilot.Among his hobbies are to travel abroad especially Europe during winter and is a hardcore foodie. He enjoys a warm personal bonding with all Skyclub members and truly enjoys flying with Skyclub members. He often relishes his memories flying with all Skyclub members.
All of us have fond memories of flying with him  and the difficulties we have caused him and how he came of out these unscathed . We have decided to make him  honorary member of the SkyClub .