Neville Bharucha
Dr Shirish Valsangkar
Prasad Bhat
Vishwas Bhisey

SkyClub Founders

The germ of the idea of Sky Club was born at the solo party given by Neville and Prasad at Baramati on October 2011. Vishwas was attending the party  and was attracted to the idea of owning an aircraft. Having bought and flown a microlight aircraft earlier, he was painfully aware of the problems involved in purchase and ownership of an aircraft. Initially the idea was to buy a used Cessna 172, but the cost and availability of AvGas was a big hurdle. Prasad and Vishwas went to Friedrichschafen, Germany in 2013 to explore other options. They saw the Diamond DA40 there, and were immediately attracted to it. Shirish and Neville gave their immediate go-ahead, and the rest as they say, is history.

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